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Welcome Video with explanation of special things to bring (video 1 of 3)


Thinking/Writing Prompt Videos

You are invited to use the following writing prompts to help you prepare and reflect upon some of the ceremonial elements we will share during our time together. You can respond in your journal, or just read and reflect in your mind. No mandatory assignments, just do what feels good and manageable.

Let go, release, bring yourself the new (video 2 of 3)

Here are some writing prompts to prepare for Friday night’s sacred fire release.  They are intended to help you in your preparation and for identifying your intentions for your weekend away. During the fire circle, we will share what we are releasing and witness for each other letting go of things that no longer serves us.

Consider what may no longer serve you in your life.  Are there things, ideas, actions, and thoughts you focus upon that expand negatively in your life? Can you think of personal examples of actions, thoughts or behaviors that make you feel bad?

Imagine you are outside of yourself, a witness … bystander with complete access to your personal experiences. As you consider this external you, you from afar, look at your daily patterns and witness any self-imposed distress.

Can you think of a recurrent thought pattern you experience that makes you feel bad? Is there a judgment or criticism that replays in your mind prohibiting you from experiencing a deep connection with someone you love and care deeply for?

What (if anything) do you think or do that does not make you feel good, healthy, or happy?

How could your behavior, thoughts or actions be different, improved or more empowering? Who would you be, and what would your life be like if you could evolve these patterns or thoughts, to those that are more self accepting, more loving and fulfilling?

What would you like your new feeling or recurring thought(s) to be, in place of the old?

Have you stifled or changed anything about yourself in order to please or gain acceptance of others?

What will your life be like in 10 years if you do NOT change or evolve these patterns, behaviors and/or beliefs?



To thine ownself be true. (video 3 of 3)

Celebrating Your Self Love: Wedding Vows

Breathe in. Breathe out. Put your arms around yourself and hold your own powerful body. Embrace yourself fully with love, compassion, and kindness.

Here is a set of writing prompts to guide you to create your self love promises/self wedding vows. On Saturday we will come together in a Sacred Circle to create share our personal vows and witness each others self promises and love. Together we share our vows/essays/promises, from our journals, or directly from the heart and the moment.

There are NO rules as to what you should say or commit to yourself. Listen to your heart’s longing and highest wishes for yourself. You can make these come true.

In addition to your promises, you are invited to bring any poems or essays to share before or after the vow portion of our Circle.

Before considering yourself, consider this: If you could be paired with a wonderful match–the perfect partner for yourself–what would you want from that person? How would that person make you feel? What qualities would be most important to you? How would you know you were loved, respected and cared for? Answer these questions about someone else.

Now put yourself in the mirror, you are your perfect partner–the object of your own love, affection and desire.

What (if anything) do you look to other people to give you? Approval, acceptance, kindness, love, attention, positive affirmation? What if –by promising these things to yourself– you could free yourself of any external emotional dependency, and you could satisfy your own longing …. All by YOURSELF?

What do you love about YOU? What are you good at? What do you enjoy? What do you most admire about yourself?  What was the most challenging personal experience you have ever faced? How did you take care of yourself and get yourself through?

Consider your personal attributes that make you worthy of love, care, and kindness.

Think about the traditional “couple” wedding vows: promises to love, honor, respect, cherish a partner, in sickness and in health, in abundance and in scarcity.  What (if anything) about these promises feels good for you to promise to yourself?

Honor your imperfections and see how they have served you in your life so far.

Do you have any favorite quotes, poems or short essays that personally inspire you? Consider adding these to our ceremony.


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