Part TWO

“They also serve who only stand and wait.” ~ John Milton

“What you appreciate, appreciates.” ~ Lynne Twist

In this second part we go a little deeper in exploration of currency (aka capital) to contemplate how real people and organizations are operating and thriving in the shift from transaction to gift.

Questions to hold: What other forms of capital/currency are at work in my life? What is possible in generating or contributing to alternative forms of capital? Are there any small actions of daily changes I can commit to? What gifts do I bring to our Gift Ecology Circle?


  1. 8 Forms of Capital: A Whole System of Economic Understanding by Ethan Roland & Gregory Landua
  2. Excerpt from book Walk Out Walk On  Pages 131 to 159 PDF (Permission granted by author, Deborah Frieze)


In this TEDx talk, BJ Fogg shares findings about small habits lead to significant impact. What if someone told you to floss only one tooth everyday? Or start the new year, not with grand resolutions, but with a simple challenge.. like ONE pushup a day? BJ Fogg shows us that the key to lasting change does not lie in planning big, monumental changes, but in thinking really, really small.

This vignette offers Social Artist, Alpha Lo’s experience with Gift Circles and giftivism.



Read Lynne’s article The Surprising Truth about Sufficiency


Watch video featuring Lynne Twist (author of The Soul of Money)


❤ Write and send three emails thanking, celebrating or praising someone you know and/or associate with.
❤ Commit an act of kindness that does not involve money.
❤ For one day, make a list of alternative sources of capital that come into your awareness, consider sharing on the Sharing Feed.
❤ Commit to and implement one small change in your daily routine. Notice how you are progressing and feeling with this small new commitment.


  1.  Any thoughts on the readings and video of the month?
  2. What is one new thing you learned or observed about yourself to do with your homeplay assignments? What about your small change commitment… progress?
  3. Did you discover anything interesting about alternative sources of capital?
  4. What is one thing you learned from the GEC Sharing Feed or interacting with others in our Circle?
  5. What are the gifts you bring to the GEC?

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