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Dear Beautiful Heart,

The 2016 Spring Sacred Kindness retreat was beautiful, powerful and indeed sacred.

Nine of us gathered in the mountains of North Carolina to celebrate and lift ourselves to higher places in our awareness and our lives. We painted, danced, laughed and cried. We sang, walked in nature, we circled, we listened and deeply shared.

I learned so much from each woman present and received countless gifts from our time together–and still continue to receive whenever my heart and mind wander back to that liminal space we made. I am grateful.

I am often reluctant to write about our SKR experience publicly, because I don’t like to contribute to the pining and hurt so many of us feel when we hear about retreat experiences that were not our own.

When women come together in full presence, away from all of our responsibilities and the roles we play, we open a space for depth and sharing that is more often unavailable anywhere else in our life and culture. Women’s retreats and circles truly are a gift we give to ourselves, and the ripple effects of this sacred time continue for months and years that follow.

For you dear woman, who were unable to join us, and for you beautiful woman who finds this page and feels a longing to be part of such an experience, I invite you to get in touch with me and express your heart’s desires, your needs and interest. As of now (summer 2016) I have no plan for our next retreat, but as I hear your calls and gather your hearts and connect with you, if and when we have a small group I shall honor you and co-create the next Sacred Kindness experience to fill your longing.

Blessings and love to you dear Sister Friends. (And to you, dear Brothers, who somehow found your way to this page.)

love, love and love,



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