January 2017



Dear Geckos,

Here is a link to January’s Gift Ecology Circle documentary pick: Katie Teague’s incredible documentary Money & Life, featuring interviews with Lynne Twist, Orland Bishop, Charles Eisenstein, Jerry Needleman and many other thought-provoking thinkers/activists. Here are a few questions to noodle about the film, taken from Teague’s discussion guide PDF .

What is real wealth?

How can we move beyond being merely consumers, debtors and creditors, and put money in service to what we  really care about as citizens and as human beings?

How do my financial choices align with my most deeply held values?

How do I embody generosity?

Can we design a monetary circulation system that fosters democratic equality?

What does it really mean to make a living?

What initiatives can we bring forward or already exist in our community that we can create, support or build upon?